Yellow Apple Trees – Growing Apples That Are Yellow

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By: Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

When we think of an apple, it is most likely the shiny, red fruit like the one from which Snow White took a fateful bite that comes to mind. However, there is something very special about the slightly tart, crisp bite of a yellow apple. There aren’t very many of these tasty fruits, but the few yellow apple cultivars available really stand out. If you are looking for apple trees with yellow fruit, read on for some outstanding varieties.

Choosing Yellow Apple Varieties

Apple harvest means pies, cider, and delicacies like fruit and cheese pairings. Most of the commercially grown apples that are yellow are chance seedlings or sports of other varieties. Some of the classics, such as Jonagold, may be very familiar but others are relatively new yellow apple varieties. There are some real gems in the list, one of which may fit your garden needs.

Classic Apples That are Yellow

It is often safest to go with tried and true varieties. The following is a list of oldies but goodies that you will recognize from your childhood:

  • Jonagold – A mix of Jonathan and Golden Delicious. Use fresh or in cooking.
  • Crispin – Has been a staple since the 1960’s. Good in pies but any other purpose as well.
  • Golden Delicious – Slices were in my lunch box daily for years. Butter and honey flavor.
  • Newtown Pippin – Named by Thomas Jefferson.
  • Rhode Island Greening – A classic American variety that has been planted since 1650.

Each of these yellow apple cultivars have been around for decades and may be residing in the form of a frozen pie or canned sauce at your home currently. All are economically important yellow apple trees and heavily exported.

Newer Apple Trees with Yellow Fruit

Almost every fruit industry is constantly breeding and doing trials of new varieties and apples are no exception. Many of these were actually discovered by accident but some were carefully bred to eliminate certain traits, such as blushing, for a perfectly yellow apple:

  • Blondee – Creamy flesh and bright, pure yellow skin. Bred from Gala.
  • Criterion – A happy accident from Golden Delicious. Sweet smelling, juicy fruits.
  • Gingergold – An early season fruit.
  • Golden Supreme – From Golden Delicious but produces a tarter apple.
  • Silken – A nother early apple. Nearly translucent skin.

Imported Yellow Apple Varieties

Washington State and several other temperate regions in the United States are big apple producers but they aren’t the only place apples flourish. Yellow apple trees are being developed in Asia, the Netherlands, France and many other countries and locales.

Breeding apples that are yellow isn’t high on the list, but there are still several delicious varieties:

  • Belle de Boskoop – From the Netherlands. Good for any uses
  • Gravenstein – A classic from Denmark with traditional flavor
  • Alderman apple – Probably from Scotland, 1920’s
  • Antonovka – Small fruits originating from Russia
  • Medaille d’Or – A classic French variety used in ciders

There are over 750 varieties of apple with numerous golden yellow varieties. These were just a few but your local extension office can help you decide which varieties are best suited to your region.

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Golden Delicious apple trees are known as self-pollinators, meaning they can produce fruit without cross-pollination, but will bear much larger crops when other varieties pollinate it. Popular varieties for cross-pollination with Golden Delicious are McIntosh, Empire, Honey Crisp, Jonathan, Red Delicious and Yellow Transparent. In addition, Akane, Cortland, Lodi, Spartan, Tydeman's Early and Tydeman's Red can be successfully used for cross-pollination.

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