How to plant hostas garden

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How to plant hostas garden

As you can see I planted hostas in my garden last year. Today I want to share with you my experience with them and what you need to know in order to have them grow in the ground in your garden. In my garden they grow better if the soil is on the moist and loamy side, not too wet and not too dry. In order to plant them you have to choose the right hostas and it seems that there are many kind of them so that you have to be well informed about them. At the end I want to share with you the best hostas to plant for each kind of soil. You may also be interested in my article on How to grow hostas in containers. I hope that this article will help you to grow them in your garden.


Hostas (hosta) are hardy perennials that can grow in any conditions and in many climates. They can be considered easy to grow, but they will grow better if they are in rich soil and they will look better with the addition of some organic fertilizer in them. A healthy, thriving garden and container filled with hostas will show off the beauty of these popular perennials.

As hostas are perennials, they come back the following year, so in order for them to look good and be healthy for another year, it is important to give them the right amount of attention and water. You need to check them regularly and when necessary water them if the soil is dry.

Many gardeners have planted hostas in their gardens without realizing that it is not always easy to grow hostas. As hostas are very popular garden plants, you may have found hostas at local nurseries, or perhaps you have seen them growing in public spaces. But, for some reason you have not decided to grow them in your garden yet. You are not the only one! Hostas are not always easy to grow because they have many requirements. There are three types of hostas, semi-creeping, rambling and mound-forming. If you do not like one of these types, it does not mean that you cannot grow any hosta. But you may need to know a bit more about them to successfully grow hostas in your garden.

Growing hostas in a garden or in a container can be fun and rewarding, but sometimes it can also be complicated and confusing. If you like the look of hostas but you do not know how to grow them, then this article is for you.

Semi-creeping hostas, are one of the easiest hostas to grow. This is because they do not need as much sun as rambling hostas and are less susceptible to drought.

Semi-creeping hostas are grown either as a whole plant or they are divided into two or more plants. However, it is not recommended that you divide them as this can be dangerous and you might lose a plant.

How to Grow Hostas Step by Step

Semi-creeping hostas like to be in the shade and full sun. They can tolerate some drought but a lot of water must be used if the drought is prolonged. So if the drought is in the summer, then it is best to water them thoroughly and wait for rain.

If you have a raised bed garden then you should put the hostas into the raised bed. If you have a terraced garden then you can just plant them in the bed and plant them in to place of the existing hostas. You should remove all the other hostas to leave a space for the hostas to take hold of the soil.

You can use any size container for growing hostas. Just make sure that it has a hole in the bottom. If the container is big enough for your whole plant, then that is what you should use. Alternatively, if the container is too small for your plant then it is best to break your plant into smaller parts and plant them into bigger containers.

Here is an example of the type of hostas you can grow.


Now that you know how to grow hostas, then you should grow them properly in your garden.

Remember that the hostas will be divided every three years and so you must make sure that you do this every year. When they are divided then you need to plant in bigger pots, as they need to become bigger.

When you grow hostas, then make sure that you know when you will be dividing them and when they will be ready to be planted back into the garden. If you are planting hostas into a garden, then you should make sure that you put the hostas where they can go in to the soil quickly.

Do not forget that hostas need a lot of water and you should water them thoroughly, as this will help them grow. They also need protection from rain and you can do this with a green house. The other thing to do is to water them just before it starts to rain. This will help the soil in the pots to dry out quicker and they will dry out quicker.

If you are growing hostas in pots, then you can use a pot saver in the pot. This will help to keep the water out of the pot, so that the water can go in the soil and help the plant to grow. You can also add some soil to the pot saver, so that it will hold the water and help the hostas to grow.

It is best to water hostas in the morning. If you are using a pot saver, then you should water it at night, so that the water will not splash the plant. If you need to water, then use a watering can. Make sure that you water the hostas well, so that they can grow.

You should not pick hostas from your garden. It is best that you leave it for the birds. This will help to maintain the wildlife population. If you need to get rid of the hostas, then you should cut them back. Then you can take them to your garden center, so that they can be planted there. You can water them before you bring them to your garden center, so that they can grow back quickly.

After your plants grow back, you should leave the hostas alone. You should not look after them, because they will keep your garden looking good. It is best to plant hostas in places where they can grow easily. They should grow where you can still enjoy them.

You can look after your hostas in the winter, as long as you keep them in a warm location. They need to stay in a warm location to keep them healthy. If you have a green house, then you can put them in there. In the winter, it is best to use a house that has been heated. If you cannot get a heated house, then you should put the hostas in a place that is not very cold.

If you want to plant hostas in your garden, you should leave them in a pot until they are large enough to be planted. You should not plant them immediately.

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