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Keith shaw horticulture has many years of horticulture experience. He has done extensive consulting with horticulturist and golf course owners with complete success. Their projects include mowing, mowing, seeding and seeding the rough. Keith is always looking for projects that fit his expertise. Being a homeowner who wants to preserve his landscape, he has a great sense of pride in the way he cares for his property. If you need an expert in the area of golf course greens, Keith is your man. If you are looking for the quality, the results that Keith can bring to your landscape, read the testimonials below and contact Keith for a free estimate.

Reviews for Keith Shaw




Verified Reviewer

John Quaid - (Blossom, Illinois)

Keith is very knowledgeable, skilled, professional and honest. I recommend him for anything you may need for the garden.



Verified Reviewer

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Keith has been wonderful to have at the landscape company. He is very easy to work with and my lawn looks great. I really enjoy working with him and I look forward to a long business relationship with him.



Verified Reviewer

Pueblo, Colorado

Great landscaper, knowledgeable and has excellent price knowledge. He is just a really nice guy as well. Very enjoyable to work with and a great communicator.



Verified Reviewer

Sandy Point, Utah

Keith knows his stuff! His prices are affordable, he’s helpful, and he is nice! When it comes to, “What do you want your property to look like?”, Keith is the answer!



Verified Reviewer

Lindenhurst, Illinois

This is a great landscaper to know. He is very knowledgeable and his sense of style is unique. He really takes pride in the care of his clients, and you can feel that when you visit his property. His sense of humor is wonderful, too.



Verified Reviewer

Towson, Maryland

Keith Shaw is a rock star in the world of golf course maintenance! He is highly skilled and resourceful, with proven track records. His work is excellent quality and attention to detail. My business is based in Baltimore, but I needed to call Keith in California to reestablish an irrigation system. Keith came to my office, gave a demonstration, and went home. He built a system for me, and when he couldn't find the right parts, he ordered them from a contractor in Oklahoma. That wasn't a problem for him. You could call him on a Saturday, if you needed to, and expect him to have the answer. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone I know who has a golf course.



Verified Reviewer

San Diego, California

This is the best I’ve had over the years. He’s very knowledgable and have great customer service.



Verified Reviewer

Great Neck, New York

Keith is a true professional in every way. He has been very helpful and responsive. I have recommended him to several people.



Verified Reviewer

Grand Island, New York

Keith is super knowledgeable, extremely skilled, and I trust his opinion on design and color selections.



Verified Reviewer

Lynn, Massachusetts

Keith is one of the most trustworthy men I have ever worked with. I have recommended him to a friend of mine who lives on a lake in Connecticut. Keith takes great pride in the quality of work he does and because of that he truly believes that he is a part of the family that owns the land he works on. If you need to know that you are hiring the right person for the job you need to hire Keith.



Verified Reviewer

Fort Myers, Florida

Keith Shaw is a wonderful landscape company to work with. He is professional, honest and detail oriented. He was the guy for the job. I would recommend him to any one that needs landscaping.



Verified Reviewer

Queens, New York

Great guy to deal with.



Verified Reviewer

Lindenhurst, Illinois

Keith does excellent work! He is always courteous and treats my yard with respect and love.



Verified Reviewer

Fairfax, Virginia

Keith is a great landscaper and very professional. Always good quality work and does a great job keeping my yard looking beautiful and healthy. He’s also great to work with.



Verified Reviewer

Lynn, Massachusetts

Keith is the best. He's informative, honest and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone.



Verified Reviewer

Burlington, Vermont

This is a great landscaper. Keith is easy to work with, friendly, a good communicator, and knows what it takes to properly maintain and improve a landscape.


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